2000 Level Courses

Note: Please refer to the current course offering schedule for a list of the current academic year course offerings. For expanded course descriptions and grade breakdown details, please refer to our mini-calendar.

AP/CLTR 2100 6.0A Questioning Culture

Designed to introduce students to the theoretical study of contemporary culture in past and contemporary society, offering tools for questioning and decoding the social and political contexts of cultural production. Areas of focus include popular media, consumer culture, digital culture, technology, music, subcultures, issues of gender, ideology, race, nationalism, ethnicity and identity.

As a subject area the study of culture defies easy description or encapsulation. While sometimes associated with the particular directions of the Birmingham School in the United Kingdom, the practice and teaching of Cultural Studies around the world is resolutely interdisciplinary and representative of a wide range of interests, issues and concerns. In this course we will map some of the territory of Cultural Studies with the broad aim being to create a critical "toolbox" with which to critically approach the study of culture, especially within the equally broad scope of media and communications studies, technology and artistic expression.

AP/CLTR 2210 6.0 Media, Culture & Technology

Combining historical and theoretical content, the course surveys the invention and evolution of media technologies from the invention of writing to the Internet. How technologies alter the social and cultural dynamics of a given period and the relationship between meaning and form will be among the key concerns.

AP/CLTR 2243 6.0 Understanding Movies

Designed for the student who enjoys film but has no background in art or criticism. It introduces students to a variety of strategies that help the student to articulate how movies use sound and image to represent the world.


AP/CLTR 2420 3.0A Communication, Presentation Skills and Voice

A practical course for students wishing to develop public speaking and presentation skills. Story-telling exercises, extemporaneous speech making, and text analysis facilitate expertise in public speaking. Video feedback will be used as a developmental too.

AP/CLTR 2510 6.0 Popular Technologies

Examines the role of consumer technologies, ranging from the automobile to the iPod in terms of how they affect the cultural landscapes of contemporary culture and society.

AP/CLTR 2610 6.0A Music In Human Experience

Introduction to emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and symbolic uses of music through case studies of individual cultures, including consideration of social, political, and historical settings

AP/CLTR 2860 3.0A In Other Worlds: The Arts and Artists In Three-Dimensional Multi-User Digital Environments

This interdisciplinary course will examine critically three dimensional, multi-user digital environments (or "virtual worlds") that are rapidly becoming new forms of social literacy and new forums for the fine, performing and new media arts