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What C&E is designed to do

Culture & Expression investigates how meaning, embedded in form, offers ways of understanding culture as a complex expression that animates human imagination and life.

Culture & Expression explores the catalytic relationship between the creative human imagination and the cultural settings that ignite it. C&E focuses on historical and contemporary themes, questioning how they are expressed, refracted, and reflected through a range of cultural forms that include expressions of popular culture found in cinema, music, literary studies, theatre, electronic and other media. Theoretical courses prepare students to delve into the core of 'meaning' in culture, by interrogating a wide variety of sites, analyzing the social, economic and political contexts in which culture manifests itself.

Questions C&E explores

Students can expect C&E courses to explore such questions as:

  • How might culture be conceptualized?
  • How do cultural forms take and give meaning?
  • What relationships exist between social practices and artistic forms?
  • What is 'political' in art and culture?
  • Why does 'difference' make a difference in cultural production?
  • What, who defines art, culture? Why does it matter?

The BA C&E offers Specialized Honours, Honours Major, and Bachelor program options. The BA Honours major can be combined with any other BA Honours program offering a double major or major/minor option. Courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening year-round.

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